1st Flight - 2nd Flight


Bending down I clutch my ankles

straining upward and back

feeling a sense of slight elation

as my feet lift to a hover

So now I know it can be done

leave off & drop back to the floor


Could there be a greater quest?

I put on a jacket & a cap

stick an apple in my pocket

look around & check the weather

The air is still - partly cloudy

base what? 2000 - 25 hundred


I reject the idea of a note

& in the garden try again

So bend - clutch - strain & lift

higher into morning air

Completely at my own discretion

By my heels - so to speak


Do more checks - secure feelings

assured against imminent falling

At least unless I stop lifting

From 10 ft I see over walls

into gardens - along streets - 30ft

distant horizons always receding


At 50 cars & houses well below

Home & family falling behind

100 or 110  feel contact being lost

I hadn't told anyone of this

experiment - a backyard dog

is barking in anger or distress


As the height increases so does

the sense of isolation - as quickly

distance grows in the tranquil air

At this mid point between earth &

cloud - perspectives are so vast

haze augments space & solitude


A distracting point - I can ascribe

vertical motion to personal volition

yet what of lateral movement?

There is no control - what force

drives it? As tho I'd jumped

& the world turned beneath me


Altitude gain continues - the mists

are whiffs of cloud  giving a damp

chill - 1st doubts & a sensation

of displacement & unreality

as negative thoughts intrude

There must be other explanations


No sense of movement or speed

only of time passing & the day

growing old - The whole city so

far below - beyond - remote hills

& dark sea - dusk is spreading

lights come up - I long for home

                                 once more